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Um... A little bit of update on my life.
First of all - I know I've been an awful person and have been abandoning updating my fic for months! I know! *hides behind pillow in shame*

I have always been working on the fic though, whenever I can, and it is always on my mind. Since the last time I updated, I have written... about 500 words. Not enough for another chapter. But I definitely am still working on it! Cross my hearts I will finish it someday.

Life just refuses to calm down at the moment and I've been given projects one after another with the command that THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE PROMPT ASAP RIGHT NOW. Everytime I think it's finally time to rest and after I'm properly rested, work on my own things another one comes and messes up all my plans. But like I said. I refuse to become those people that let work life eat up all their existence and I will try my best to fight it like the Doctor has fought the Cybermen so many times.

That aside, 2015 has been the year I have somehow cracked the code of life and have already filled the amount of pages in my journal I'd normally fill in more than a year, with my musings on life, past relationships, and various things that expands my personal philosophy and I feel the most mental healthy I've been in the past ten or so years. Touchwood.

I think that's all I've got time to type before returning to the thing I need to get done by Tuesday-ish.

Stay safe. Love you lots. x

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Bless, bb!! Missed you!! Seems life is just crazy everywhere this 2015!!

Keeping my fingers crossed and happy to know you are seeking balance!


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