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Can't believe I've not thought about this yet.
OTP proposal: The Doctor's TARDIS and Clara's TARDIS? Thoughts?
Imagine Idris sends a message to her best mate and goes "Clara's a great girl. I don't like her but you will. Unlock your door the Doctor will come fetch you for her in a bit."
I need to spend more time to muse on this.
But... YES? YES???

P.s. feel free to write about this or link me to a fic if one exists already! I've out of touch with the dw fandom. Must have missed a lot of things.

p.s.2 I also have a plot bunny of some sort that they are the same TARDIS of different timeline. I need to think this through... Hmmm. I call tonight very productive in fic breakthrough.

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Hee!! I haven't heard of one like this...but it is a great idea and you should definitely tackle it!


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